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Save the Seeds

Construct 2 game, with graphics made in Photoshop and Illustrator

March 2017

Resist Jam asked developers to make games that went against authoritarianism, promoting diversity, freedom and expression through interactive media.

Instead of looking at this in a blatantly political manner, I looked at climate change, something that is often overlooked by certain politicians and not always taken seriously.

In this small game, you have to re-enter the earth's atmosphere, in a time when it is no longer habitable. You visit different areas of the world to collect the seeds from that place and plant them on your ship.

Once I have finished my current game, I will be making this into a full game, aiming for a PC and mobile release. It will show the devastating effects of climate change on the world, while also educating players about the flowers and plants that are found in only a few places on earth, and are at risk of extinction.

This version just features a few levels, one of which features the primrose, a flower native to the English county of Devon, where I grew up. So that satisfied the diversifier of the jam asking developers to include something of their native area.

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