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Post Processing Shader / Apr 2021

I had wanted to explore dithering within Unity for a while, and it ended up being fairly simple to get the basic dither effect working. And then I had fun making it into a post processing shader, and adding extra customisations.

See the demo

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Cookie Cutter

Shader / Jun 2020

I was creating a shader for a game jam that I ran out of time on. The challenge was that I wanted to cut out cookies, to be decorated later in the game, but the cookies should copy the texture exactly from the dough they're cut out of.

The shapes each draw to a texture which is added to the mask for the cookie dough.

When each cookie is created, the tiling and offset of its texture is calculated based on its scale, and position in relation to the overall cookie dough shape.

Play the tech demo

Read about how I made it

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