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The shaders in this little collection are all created for Technical Art Challenges on Harry Alisavakis' tech art discord, where a new challenge is posted every fortnight


Mesh generation and shader / May 2021

Building on previous knowledge of mesh generation, I didn't just want to make a potion, but the potion bottle too.

I created basic bottle cylinders and used animation curves with some randomised values to give them them a more bottle like shape. And learnt a bit about "filling" meshes to create the potions

Read how I made it


Vertex and fragment shaders / Mar 2021

The basis of the jellyfish is a vertex shader over a specially made dome mesh. It uses a gradient texture to push in and out the vertices replicating a jellyfish

Anime Effect

Particle Systems / Feb 2021

A powerup effect for a love spell. This uses three different particle systems, the burst on the floor, the rotating oval in the backboard and the sparkly hearts

I was trying to make some kind of themed powerup for a character.

Loading Screen

Particle Systems / Nov 2020

For the theme of "loading screen" I went with an animated symbol, for a fantasy game based around magic and spells.

The particle systems follow a moving gameobject that goes from point to point to create circles and stars


Post Processing / Oct 2020

After chatting to friends at work about what effect to replicate for this fortnight's challenge, I tried to copy the echolocation effect used in The Deep End Games' 2017 survival horror Perception.

They approved of the result, and even retweeted it!

I combined a ghostly blue fresnal glow on all the objects in the scene, with a post-processing script that uses a depth texture to mask out areas far away

Read how I made it